As rugged as any SUV on the block indeed

This project originated from the Type 2 mailing list. I believe the idea was Mark Hineline's. I got the scan of the ad from Tobin Copley. The original image's photographers is Chris Wimpey of Team One Advertising, and Everett Barnes of VW Planet fame. Thanks to all of you!

Since this is a potential copyright issue, I'd like to draw attention to the copyright information both about the Bus image and the L*xus image, both of which can be found further down on this page.

Splitty version of L*xus ad

Splitty version of the infamous L*xus tank ad. Done with Corel PhotoPaint. The bus picture was nicked from VW Planet, Everett Barnes' site. The specific bus picture can be found here.

The new caption reads "The VW Microbus. Motoring Trend of the Century. As rugged as any SUV on the block. It is just a whole lot friendlier. The relentless pursuit of peace. (VW Logo)".

If it's your bus, or if you have any other valid objections to this, please tell me and I'll remove this page.

Take it in either of four sizes:
712*480 pixels, 72,377 bytes
890*600 pixels, 109,814 bytes
1,139*768 pixels, 171,946 bytes
1,485*1,001 pixels, 307,202 bytes

Further versions of this image supplied by y'all:
712*480 pixels, 67,059 bytes, brighter than the above and with larger text; provided by Josh Rodgers.

Josh died on Dec 14, 1998. I'm sad, even though I did not know him personally. What else can I say? ;-( Maybe this: he left a homepage and on it, something to think about. Take your time to read it, as a tribute to the man.

You may have noticed that the through-the-windows view looks a little awkward. If you think you can do better, here's a version with those parts unaltered for your convenience. This is 1,485*1,001 pixels in size and uses 308,435 bytes.

Copyright Notice

The Bus image is copyrighted © by Everett Barnes. Everett informed me via e-mail (read the whole message):

I don't mind that you used my photo for your composite piece. I appreciate the credit, since I do consider the photos I took myself to be copyrighted by me.

Well, all I can say is thanks! And everyone who wishes to use the resulting image for purposes other than private (which I don't mind you to do), please read Everett's message and act accordingly.

What's this about?

For those of you who don't know the original L*xus ad, or want a fresh go with your own bus as a motif maybe, here's the original scan I worked from.

Original L*xus ad

The caption reads "The RX 300. Motor Trend SUV of the Year. As rugged as any other SUV on the block. It just rides a whole lot smoother. The relentless pursuit of perfection. (L*xus Logo and name)".

If you're a lawyer for L*xus ;-), or if you have any other valid objections to this, please tell me and I'll remove this image. Note however that the above edited version of this image is satire, and that I therefore consider it fair use and will not readily take down the Splitty images even though they're derived from this image.

Take it in either of two versions, both of which are 1,485*1,001 pixels in size:
Softened to match the Splitty version, 315,312 bytes
Straight from the scanner, 608,888 bytes

Copyright Notice

The L*xus image is copyrighted © by Chris Wimpey. Chris informed me via e-mail (read the whole message):

Okay, credit where credit is really due. I'm the photographer who made the original image for the ad. Quite a fun little bit of work, actually. We shot it in Pasadena. The agency is Team One Advertising, art director is Pat Zimmerman, writer is Rob Stewart.
By the way, I hold the copyright to the photograph [...] Personally, I think your version is pretty funny.

I'd like to publicly thank Chris for this implied permission to have his image on here. Good sport! :-) As to the above final "VW ad" image, I don't really know who holds its copyright (presumably Chris and/or Everett too, this being a derivative work and all), and as I'm not trying to make any money off this, I couldn't care less. ;-)

Other Versions?

If you did an own version or have a picture of a Baywindow bus that fits in perspective, I'd be most interested to post it here or use it to create additional versions. In any case you're welcome to write me. But please do NOT send large images (above 100 kilobytes) or more than one image to this address without contacting me beforehand. Which is a good idea anyway. I'd hate to see the mail server crash because of a flood of images in the mail.

If you wish to see your own (or someone else's) bus in here but don't feel up to the task of editing it in yourself, contact me privately. I don't really have the time to do dozens of these, but another one or two... maybe... :-) And of course, if it's an original Baywindow bus you'd like to see in there, I'd like to have a version like that too, so I urge you to send me a suitable image (but see above!).

That's it from me...

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